Waterbirth 101

"The Midwife's Epidural"

When clients ask me why they should choose waterbirth my answer is often "Why not give waterbirth a try?"

As a Midwife, I love waterbirth because of all the benefits it provides the mother and baby during labor and delivery. Water is a wonderful pain management tool that promotes relaxation and decreases pain and discomfort. It reduces stress and gives the laboring woman more mobility than on land. It shortens the length of labor and reduces tearing during pushing. Waterbirth is often a better birth experience for mothers and babies.

Some women choose to labor in the water and birth on land. Some women labor and birth in the water. And if it doesn't feel right, you just hop on out of the birth pool.

So, why not give waterbirth a try? You don't have anything to lose and you have so much to gain!

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WomanKind Midwifery is now offering Birth Pool in a Box rentals to the Lancaster County community. We are huge supporters of water birth and already offer birth pool rentals to our patients. We are happy to be able to expand this service to the entire community.

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