We asked the team at WomanKind Midwifery a series of questions to get a deeper sense of who they are as individuals and to have a little fun!

Take a look:

Marielle; Founder & Midwife

Aleah; Home Birth Nurse

Angie; Home Birth Nurse

Olivia; Patient Care

Ashley; Behind the scenes Assistant

Favorite birthy books or podcasts?

Marielle- My favorite birthy book is The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman. I love it because it tells the story of a midwife and realistically portrays the births she attends. The author is a midwife so the births in the book are really realistic. The author is a great storyteller and her books always sweep me away to a different time and place.

Ashley- Ahh, I have so many favorite birthy books, but my top three are Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage by Rachel Reed, Birthing from Within by Pam England and Rob Howard, and Placenta; The forgotten Chakra by Robin Lin.

Favorite birth affirmation:

Aleah- My favorite to share with laboring moms is “I can handle anything for 60 seconds.” The idea of it (perhaps with different lengths of time.. 60 hours, 2 months..) can also be applied to so many other hard times in life. I like to remind women that while pain usually creates fear because something is wrong or broken, this is one time in life where pain means things are going right. Once this is all over, they’re going to feel so strong and empowered.

Marielle-  I can do hard things. I feel like birth is hard and there’s no point in sugar coating it. This affirmation really hits home for a lot of women in labor and gives them a strong belief in their own strength.

What led you to work with women & why do you love the birth world?

Marielle- I honestly don’t really know. It definitely feels like a calling to me. Most of the time I love being a midwife…sometimes it’s really hard and can be extremely stressful or very sad at times. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Aleah- I became a nurse with the intention of working in labor and delivery, but I had no idea how deeply I would fall in love with the world of home birth. Having my children solidified the path for me. Caring for women at their most vulnerable, during their most magical, terrifying, transformative moments is an honor I can’t quite describe with words.

Best way to unwind after a long day:

Ashley– Family foot rubs! We all sit down in the living space together and talk about the day and do little foot rubs on each other.

Olivia- Netflix with a bowl of cereal in hand and a cozy blanket.

Best piece of advice for a new mom:

Angie- Sleep when the baby sleeps! Take in all the advice given to you, and then choose what works best for YOU! There isn’t one way to do things.  

Ashley- Trust your intuition, and listen in when it signals you. If something doesn’t feel right for you or baby, lean into that & act, don’t be afraid to use your wise voice.  You are the perfect momma for your baby.

Favorite trick to use in labor?

Aleah- I struggled to answer this one because it absolutely depends on the mother, the environment, the energy in the room. Perhaps my favorite trick is really tuning in to the needs of the laboring woman and giving my full attention to steering her toward a little more comfort. Sometimes what you need most is calm, gentle support to push through whatever difficult phase you’re in.

Angie– If mom is anxious to push while the head is at the perineum, have her use her hand to feel the movement of the head into her hand. This will allow her to feel the progress and allow better control during that time of burning and stretching. Another of my favorite tricks is using the birth comb!

Favorite or oddest item in your birth bag

Marielle- My favorite item in my birth bag is my fetoscope. It makes me feel like a real authentic midwife whenever I use it. I also love that it is long enough so that the mom can listen to her baby’s heartbeat with it too.

Aleah- Crystals for me, essential oils for everyone, and a tiny little stuffed animal for laboring mamas. Sometimes holding onto a piece of childhood safety can provide a laugh, a sense of peace, or at the very least a fun distraction!

Angie– Nothing related to birth, BUT (haha) snacks, chapstick, mints and hand cream!

Describe yourself in three words:

Marielle- Kind, Passionate, Dedicated

Aleah- Loving, Creative, Adventurous

Angie– Caring, Social, Talkative

Olivia- Determined, Social, Energetic 

Ashley- Kind, Passionate, Connective

What’s your zodiac sign?

Marielle- Taurus

Aleah- Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon, Pisces Rising

Angie– Libra

Olivia- Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon, Aries Rising

Ashley– Aries